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    Don’t Say “That’s So Gay” Campaign (Wanda Sykes) [ x ]

    How about a round of applause.

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  3. Dats me

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    Aww yiss MOTHAFUCKIN BELLY RUBBINS - www.randomblog.org

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    I was able to fit the whole thing into one gif! 

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    do u ever just

    every day. 


  10. Marvel Studios’ Chris Crisis (Chrisis)


    Marvel: So for Thor we’ve cast Chris Hemsworth…

    Me: Ooo, he’s hot!

    Marvel: Then for Captain America we’ve got Chris Evans…

    Me: Also extremely hot.

    Marvel: Now to complete the Chris trifecta we’ve cast Chris Pratt as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Me: Andy from Parks and Rec? He’s more goofy-cute than hot.

    Marvel: We will make him hot.

    Me: Yeah okay….

    Me: Wha?!

    Marvel: You’re welcome.